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National Dynamics, was founded in 1984. Almost 37 years ago, Jim McAlister, a Cryogenic Engineer and his wife, a career Child Counselor, were already recognized leaders in the world of educational program development & marketing. They had been involved with the concept and test marketing of Brainstorm, the original prototype of Hooked on Phonics, and also Verbal Advantage, which were two of the most successful educational programs ever developed for the public. The idea of teaching adults to speak a second language seemed to be a natural follow up. The program development took two years to finalize, and had input from several expert linguists and teachers throughout the USA and abroad.

The first National Dynamics Speed Spanish series debuted on April 14, 1984. The first radio spot was heard in New York City. During the next 12 years, National Dynamics, Inc. introduced French, German, Italian & Japanese and sold nearly a million sets of audio-cassettes and CD’s to people all over the world. In 2009, Jim’s wife Kathie, whom many customers came to know, passed away and the company was downsized. The production team began to redirect it’s efforts towards digital duplication of one of the most successful language learning systems in the world, and now, make them available to you.

Our system will teach you, as it has for over 37 years, that our unique approach to language learning is by simply listening. We have developed the easiest method of how to learn to speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Japanese. This downloadable and portable language learning system, is by far the best on the market today, and remember, all you have to do is listen. Learn to speak Spanish, French, German, Italian or Japanese and as always, we get right to the point. You will learn to speak Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese or French, immediately after you begin the patented Magic Circle method of learning. This foreign language learning program has no equal.  No heavy-duty grammar lessons about dangling participles or proper nouns. You will learn to speak Spanish. You may also learn French, German, Japanese or Italian if you choose, in the fastest and easiest way available anywhere, at any price. You will learn to speak and understand any of the desired languages chosen, and will be speaking it within 5 minutes after you begin a lesson! At the National Dynamics Language Store, we have developed a highly effective series of completely downloadable language learning products that are designed to help you understand and learn to speak any new language you select quickly, easily and affordably! And remember… all you have to do…is listen!! By hearing and practicing our authentic, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Japanese, language learning programs, your natural ability to understand and speak your new language will be very quickly developed.

Learn to speak Spanish, French, German, Japanese or Italian, starting today, here, right now.

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