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National Dynamics,

Thankfully I found your website! After 10 years, not many companies remain the same. Yours has and I really appreciate that. You see, I lost a #1 cassette tape from Spanish 3 years ago and thought there was no chance to replace it. My grandson is now in high school and needs help in Spanish. I'll give him a complete set and know that he will learn the needed Spanish faster than the class he is in. Thanks for being there!

Agnes M. Cda.



Ms. McAlister,

You were very kind to telephone and verify our order for Speed Spanish Level III. We appreciate your professional follow through in arranging for delivery to arraive today. If anyone ever questions the value of your personal interaction with your customers, let me assure them that you make a positive difference. Thank you for your involvement.

James R. CA.


National Dynamics

Having taught the traditional, grammar oriented way all of my career.The growing popularity of this innovative system has been phenomenal. This language program is designed to get the student to speak Spanish as fast as possible, simply by using the Magic Circle and other indispensable strategies. They will also learn very useful Survival Expressions and a ton of vocabulary words. This system will without a doubt eliminate the fear of speaking a foreign language and immediately build their confidence in speaking Spanish.

S. Basso  Canada


I very much enjoyed learning with the Speed Spanish course! I liked the style of the lessons and found the stories amusing and look forward to the next adventure.

Mike. E. San Diego

National Dynamics,
"With the ability to listen and learn anytime, anywhere, the course fit my time period and met my needs. To learn and speak Spanish has been a dream come true

Barbara G. Seattle


"A novel approach and very effective course." "Thank you

National Dynamics,

I enjoyed this course. And I look forward to reviewing and studying my lessons in an effort to retain what I have learned."
William V. Phoenix

National Dynamics,
"This course was very educational and fun. 30 days well spent.
Andrew J. Miami

"Enjoyed this course very much. Hope there will be other
language courses. Thanks"
Tommy G. Kansas City

National Dynamics,
"I really enjoyed the course and am hoping there will soon

be a Speed Spanish II. (Already did that Donna!) I give high

marks for the content of this course. Thanks National Dynamics

for a fun experience."
Donna B. Canada

"Thank you for a very informative language course. I have always wanted to speak and learn Spanish and now feel I can communicate very well. I am in the Dental profession and feel this will be very helpful to my patients. I also was able to write a letter in Spanish to my brother who speaks Spanish well."
Jeff B. San Diego

Sales Manager,
"Great course! Great tips on how to speak and learn Spanish. I wonder why high school Spanish teachers make it so hard."
Jenny L. Pittsburgh

"I liked the course and appreciated not having to get bored over conjugating verbs, etc. It was useful from the beginning lesson.
Robert H. Riverside

"Speed Spanish is a wonderful way to learn and speak Spanish. I very much enjoyed this course, it has been extremely helpful to me. I would love to see Speed Spanish II." (Got it Molly!)
Molly N. Tucson

Mr. Dan
"I hope there will be another Spanish Program like this. It was very helpful (and fun!).
"Melanie J. San Francisco

Customer Service,
" Great course & approach with the recipes. I've had several 'traditional' classes, which certainly gave me a good base, but my ability to put sentences together has improved by leaps & bounds. Muchas gracias!
"Carolyn G. Boston

"This is the third time I have taken a Spanish course and the first time that I felt I learned anything . This course was excellent. I would like to continue with this type of study. I desperately need Spanish for the work place, and this is the only way I can learn the language! Great course!
"Roger B. St. Louis

Dear Kathie,
"You have teaching this language to others all figured out.
IT WORKS. Gracias.
"Ted S. Portland

"I am a nurse at the hospital interacting with a lot of Hispanic patients weekly. Although I do speak enough Spanish to get by, I was interested in increasing my grammatical skills as well as my vocabulary. I was pleased to find each lesson added to my base as well as improved what I have been trying to do.The lessons were very easy to follow. Being able to work at my own pace and schedule was perfect. Thank you.
Mary J. Houston


I have been trying to learn Spanish for about 20 years...this is the first course I have taken in Spanish that made complete sense to me! Thank you!
Kim B. Kansas City

"This course was really fun and so well done. I am surprised by how much Spanish I was able to pick up so fast!
"Robert Y. Tampa



Testimonial for Speed Spanish

I am a retired high school teacher having taught French and Spanish for 28 years in a French public high school in Northern Ontario. Since retirement, I have been teaching the Speed Spanish system Level 1 privately to both young and older adults with such great success that I now consider myself somewhat of a 'Speed Spanish convert.

Shirley B. Canada


Pres. National Dynamics,

The Speed Spanish CD's by D.V. Mikels that thousands of customers have purchased, are a wonderful way to learn one of the worlds truly Romantic Languages. Simply by listening to these Speed Spanish CD's (along with transcripts), they can easily review the material at their own pace and convenience and, in addition build on their vocabulary using the Magic Circle and all of the other included learning strategies. The Speed Spanish series are clear, well explained and very easy to follow! A wonderful combination is the textbook with a simplistic approach for learning any foreign language, and the use of the Speed Series CD's by D.V. Mikels. An extremely fast and easy way to learn Spanish in the complete sentence form! Very ,very impressive !
Jo-Ann Basso


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