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It all started with a brainstorm back in 1984

high school

Brain cell


It really isn’t your fault.  Blame it on your brain!
From birth to about age six, billions of cells on opposite sides of our brains hook up with each other using long fibers called axons.  Our skulls actually double in size to make room for all that wiring.

We use a few hundred million of those axon connections to store the sounds of words we learned from our parents, television and surroundings and those wired connections also store the muscle commands we use to imitate those sounds. "Mama!" takes about 18 muscles.

Beginning about age 12, any connections we haven't used begin to dissolve away.  The axon connections formed have hard-wired our brains to the sounds of language(s). 
If you waited until high school to start learning a new language, your brain had no place to store the new sounds.  As a result, your brain tried to think in English and say Spanish words as if they were English words.  Your brain got very confused.

Rather than re-invent the Adult Brain, our Speed Tape Method gives you dozens of "strategies" that help you use English words and phrases to remember new words and phrases in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese.  Just listen.  Your brain will enjoy learning as much as you do.

Almost 28 years ago, Jim McAlister a Cryogenic Engineer and his wife Kathie a Career Child Councilor, were already recognized leaders in the world of educational program development and marketing. 

They had both been deeply involved with the concept and test marketing of BRAINSTORM, the original prototype of HOOKED ON PHONICS, which is one of the most successful educational programs ever developed for children.

Based in Orange County CA, they went to work on a similar vocabulary building program for adults. VERBAL ADVANTAGE became another very successful advertiser on network radio.

The idea of teaching adults to speak a second language seemed to be a natural follow up. The program took two years to develop and had input from several expert linguists and teachers in Southern California and throughout the USA. Once perfected, the program successfully helped adults and children who only spoke English learn a new language without memorizing long lists of proper verbs, nouns and unnecessary grammar.  

productsThe first NATIONAL DYNAMICS SPEED SPANISH series debuted on April 14, 1984. Jim ran the first radio spot in New York City. During the next 12 years, National Dynamics, Inc. introduced French, German, Italian and Japanese Speed Series Programs, and sold nearly a million sets of audio-cassettes and CD’s to people all over the world.

In 2009, my dear wife Kathie, whom many of you came to know, passed away due to cancer. As always, we will continue to develop new products and serve the marketplace. You can feel confident knowing that our Customer Service Department, now operated by our daughter Megan, is always ready to answer any questions you may have regarding our products. 1-800-290-9899
If you are a past customer and you need to replace a book, cassette or CD, it's easy to order replacements online.